A Rhinestone Headband

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Hola from Miami!

I’m here doing a show for about a month, soaking up the sun and browsing crafting blogs (I can’t help myself), and that is how I stumbled across Anne Weil’s blog Flax & Twine.  I particularly loved her blog about making sparkly headbands, which you can find here, so I decided to try it myself!

 Here is the super-awesome result:

These are the things I used:

  • Plastic headband
  • Embroidery thread
  • Rhinestone trim (I found mine for $3 in the craft section at Walmart)
  • Glue (E6000!)
  • Old magazines to cover my work surface (E6000 is messy)
  • Scissors

This is how I made it:
To start, I covered my table with magazines and glued the end of the thread onto the inside of one end of the headband.

Then I wrapped the thread around the headband over and over to cover it up.

At the top of the headband where there are teeth, I wrapped the thread between each tooth twice and didn’t worry about the headband showing because it gets fully covered later on.

When I got to the other end of the headband, I glued the thread to the inside of the headband and cut off the excess.

Then it was rhinestone time!  I laid them over the headband, checking to make sure they were centered, and then I glued on the end of another piece of thread and began wrapping it just like before.  For continuity, I wrapped the thread 4 times in between each rhinestone.

I continued wrapping the thread until I got to the end of the string of rhinestones and then I glued the thread in place and cut it off.

And that was that!  The whole project only took about an hour, and I would highly recommend trying it yourself as well as checking out all the other cool tutorials on Flax & Twine.

Now I’m headed back out to the pool!


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13 Responses to A Rhinestone Headband

  1. handstitch says:

    I am envy…the sun, the pool. This nifty band surely will make me, or any girl, feel like a million buck! Thanks for the cheer I am longing for today, Ms. Laura 😀

  2. Naomi says:

    Totally love it!

  3. StyleLuver118 says:

    love it!

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  5. Elaine says:

    That is really cool and looks so easy!

  6. jewelryrage says:

    Great tutorial!!!

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  8. Tahira says:

    That is great project and looks so easy!

  9. kat says:

    I am so making this! This is so cute! And I have a lot of thin cheapy headbands from H&M that I don’t wear so it’s perfect! Thank you 🙂

  10. Erica says:

    This is such a fun DIY. Bookmarking it for later 🙂

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